HFG-03: High Frequency Generator and Reference Ballast

The High Frequency Generator and Reference Ballast (HFG-03) is suitable for measuring operating parameters of tubular fluorescent lamps (TFL) for general lighting purposes (IEC-81) and of one-head light tubes (IEC-901). The device was designed to meet the conditions established by IEC-928 standard.

Characteristic electric parameters of the output signs of the device:

  • Frequency range: 20-100 kHz;
  • Voltage range: 0-650 V;
  • Load capacity: either max. 1 A or max. 300 W;
  • Reference ballast resistor: 5-3100 W;
  • Reference ballast resistor: 5-3500 W. (Variable resistance is required for HF measurement; with little inductance and 1 A load capacity.)


  1. GPIB interface

    The base configuration does not contain the GPIB interface. The interface connects to the industrial PC in the equipment. The necessary software runs on the PC.

  2. Low parasitic impedance resistors

    In the equipment you can change the value of the ballast in 5 Ω steps, between 5 and 3100 Ω. The parasitic impedances may exceed 1nF or 100µH. If necessary, the ballast unit contains fix resistors (max. 10 pcs), their cabling and heating arrangement solve the low capacitance and inductance according to IEC 929.

  3. High voltage ignition

    The max voltage of the generator is 650 V. Some lamp will not ignite on this voltage. With the High voltage option, the generator – only if necessary - will increase the output voltage to 800 V, but the duration is limited to 20 seconds.